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AlexP consist of Alex Prooper (1963, The Netherlands) and Simone van Dam (1973, The Netherlands)

AlexP is a duo that creates (digital) media art, most of which is interactive. Their human-scale video mappings especially are very popular and appealing to both young and adult audiences.

The work of AlexP combines ingenious, self-developed software, attractive visuals and a touch of humour.

AlexP show their work at festivals, art exhibitions, galleries and museums. They have made work for several companies like Shell, Unilever, and KPN. In the past years, among others, their work was shown during Bright Brussels (BE), the Amsterdam Light Festival (NL), Canal Convergence (USA), Essen Light Festival (DE), City of Light Jyväskylä (FI), Night Light Calgary (CAN), Baylight Morecambe (UK), Enlighten Canberra (AUS) and in the Kröller-Müller Museum (NL).

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Instagram: @AlexP_insta

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