Alsos is an interactive clearing in a small fantastic forest.
Alsos installation was born with the idea to link nature and technology
This artwork suggests a relationship between living world and technology : a possible hybridization with a digital plant. In this installation, the audience can interact on a sound world ready to awaken.
In this installation the visitors share sonorous experiences. The clearing is both an intimist space and a place for meetings. The black light transforms the space and changes the perceptions.
The audience explores the space with flash-lights or with the light from their smartphones. They illuminate the fluorescent flowers in the branches.
Each flower reacts by different sounds. The pitch of the sound is evolving according to the intensity of the lights.
The fluorescent flowers react to the luminous flows modifications. They camouflage light sensors in their pistil.
The luminous impulses and variations are sent to a data-processing program on a computer which transform them into various sounds.
The gestures and the movements of the spectators allow to generate sound effects and to change textures of the sound.Each flower having a different sound, the sound universe evolves according to light intensities, and hazards of public interventions.

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Indoor and Outdoor
Estimated Weight
50 kg
Previously seen at
- Singapore night festival (Singapore), Watermans New Media Gallery (UK), Dak Nong Cultural Museum (Vietnam), Science Gallery - Festival of Curiosity Dublin (Irland), Festival Streamfest Lecce (Italia), Nuit Blanche Amiens (France), Nuit Blanche Saint-Denis (Ile de la Réunion) etc.

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