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A simple geometric form represents a minimalist yet very transcendent design. The installation consists of balloons filled with air and white light that creates a glowing pyramid with simple light sequences. There is only one color - white. At night, Balloomi becomes a centerpiece around which people gather like moths circling a light bulb. As humanity, we are continuously searching for answers to existential questions. Pyramidal shapes were always taking a central role in encompassing a way to the transcendent world. This process is very dualistic. On one hand, allowing for individuals to reflect on their life, on the other hand, the grand scheme of the universe to which these eternal sculptures are pointing. By presenting this design with the canvas of ever-changing white illuminating light we give every spectator an opportunity not only to write their own intimate perception but also to experience it in the community of others. This very powerful communion allows for ideas, beliefs, and science to come together and brighten the path of what was, is, and will be our shared history.

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Indoor and Outdoor
4x4x3 m
Estimated Weight
150 kg
1 kW
Previously seen at
Light.Move.Festival 2014 in Łódź, Poland, Lumo Bjalistoko 2015 in Białystok, Poland, The Royal Festival of Light 2017 in Warsaw, Poland, City of Light 2019 in Jyvaskyla, Finland, Lights on Romania 2022 in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, Romania, Light Night Leeds 2023, UK

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