Caustic Ballet (Upside down)

10k - 20k

Caustic Ballet is an immersive installation mixing volumes, light and sound. A set of plexiglass tubes is dispatched in the venue, creating a site specific sculpture adapted to the space. On each tube is projected a light motion sequence creating light diffractions called «Caustics». The caustics spreads in the area, immerging the audience in a sub-aquatic universe made of glittering evanescent lights. The shape of the caustics evolves following a 10 minute motion graphic sequence, sustained by a bewitched Soundtrack.

Caustic Ballet is an audiovisual and architectural dialogue based on the variations of caustic diffractions in a dedicated space. The light diffracted through the sculpture reveals the volumes with shimmering light touches. This light ballet resonates with its environment and transform our perception of the space, giving the feeling of a sunken world. The sound spatialization increases our perception of luminous events and invites the public to move around the sculpture and change point of view.

Declining a mysterious and relaxing atmosphere, Caustic Ballet plunges us into the atlantide world, and resonates with the water rising issue humanity is facing.


Joan Giner
Artist Bio
French visual artist living in Paris, Joan creates digital installations mixing sculpture, video projection and sound, playing around with the notions of volumes, time and space.

His work is based on narrative aesthetics and digital interpretations of reality, using technology and virtual tools to explore new ways of storytelling such as non-linear narratives and immersive experiences. Joan Sculpts light on the surface of volumes, mixing traditional and digital techniques, trying to open the dialogue between disciplines.

In permanent search of new ways of storytelling, he creates multi-reading immersive installations focused on imagination and poetry, where time slow down. These installations develops digital languages based on volume, light and sound interaction. The basis of its semantic is minimalistic and easy to embrasse, whereas the technology behind it is rather complex.

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Indoor and Outdoor
10m x 10m x 4.5m
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Previously seen at
- Pleïades Festival , Fiat Lux Exhibition, DNA Festival

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