Dynamic Illumination

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Dynamic illumination will allow to present city space in a different light. It will add charm and life and emphasize beauty of its architecture. The light sequences will be accompanied by music.

It can be mounted on any building, even historic building, because it uses installation system that is safe and non-invasive, it won’t damage building. There is special controller that can turn lights on automatically. Lamps are RGBW LED IP65, 50cm long. Speakers are small and can be mounted on building same as lamps.

Size depends on chosen buildings. Music and seqences are made specially for each building. Each building can have multiple different sequences to different type of music (electronic, instrumental, fast, slow).

Additional Information

45W per lamp
Previously seen at
Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2019, Finland, Light Festival Lumo Bjalistoko 2017 in Białystok, Poland, IX International Festival of Puppetry Schools 2018 in Białystok, Poland, Poland Independence Day, in 2018, Białystok, Poland

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