Emergence is a large-scale audio-visual sculpture designed specifically for exhibtion in the public realm. The artwork is inspired by Emergence Theory and explores the dynamic interplay between order and chaos and the role this plays in life's systems, the self and the universe. The artwork features tightly a choreographed light programme to an original hypnotic score by the ground-breaking NYX: Electronic Drone Choir. Emergence won in the 'Light art' category in the international LIT design awards 2023 and was shortlisted for a Darc Awards in 2024.

With reflective surfaces completely covering all of its facets EMERGENCE takes on the surrounding environment providing new ways of perceiving a previously familiar space.
The structure consists of 75 large mirror units covered on all surfaces with a mirror finish arranged into a cylindrical pavilion style structure with three entrances in a ‘Y’ formation making entry and exit an easy flowing process, these entrances are all wheelchair accessible.

Four lines of individually addressable LED's run around the outer end of each unit creating a square making a total of approx 14000 pixels on the entire structure. These LED’s are visible from inside and outside and display a constantly evolving and mesmerising program of highly complex light patterns choreographed to the accompanying audio track.

Each section is carefully constructed to create an optical illusion inside the unit creating a complete sphere of light when viewed from close by that morphs into a giant grid of light when viewed from a short distance. This enables distinct experiences for the viewer which range from collective to intimate depending on location.

Emergence has been designed to be as accessible as possible. All entranceways will facilitate wheelchair access. An audio description of the artwork for those with visual impairments is available for events to platform or we can facilitate a platfrom via Navi-Lens. Emergence also has a hearing loop installed for those with hearing aids.

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Indoor and Outdoor
10m diameter x 3m high
2 x 16amp ceefrom supply
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