Geist is an interactive audio-visual artwork inspried by particle physics designed to delight and engage diverse audiences of all ages. The sculpture uses glimmering figments of light that react to the audiences movement, mirror and illusion to pay artistic homage to the particle physics that explores the origins of our universe.

Geist is our latest artwork and is based on neutrinos or ‘Ghost Particles’ and the hunt that particle physicists play out in enormous neutrino detectors to prove the existence of these elusive particles. The narrative for the artwork was developed with physicists from the STFC (the UK’s national laboratory network) and Oxford University and we worked with actual data taken from the T2k detector experiment in Japan. The interactive mechanic of the artwork was developed in conjunction with a creative coder (Motus Art) and sound artist (Dan Bibby).

The result is an octagonal carousel shaped artwork with a 6m footprint, standing at 3m high. Each side has a window in to an optical illusion created by mirror and LED light that appears to the audience as a hovering and glimmering orb which is an abstract representation of a neutrino. The presence of the audience causes a reaction and animation in the artwork and a type of 'neutrino particle' is revealed; a representation of the process of discovery inside the detectors that inspired the artwork.

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Indoor and Outdoor
6m diameter x 3m high
Estimated Weight
2 x 16 amp ceeform supply
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