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Globoscope is an immersive work made up of a large number of luminous spheres. By means of this technological mechanism, Collectif Coin creates a digitalized recreation of the space. Configured in harmony with the characteristics of the venue, each individual « point » each « pixel » in this landscape, is merged into an ensemble of sound and light movements that swirl through. Mathematics, sound and light are in this way used to represent, transform, and expand a space, offering the viewer a surrealist stroll.


Maxime Houot / Collectif Coin
Artist Bio
An art lab based in Grenoble (France), Collectif Coin focuses on the production of both monumental shows and intimist installations. Committed to the production of trans-disciplinary work with particular focus on the digital arts, Collectif Coin works around the notions of body, sound and light.

Additional Information

Indoor and Outdoor
20*20m minimum surface
Estimated Weight
light (the installation is made of more than 200 30cm diameter wireless plastic spheres
12000W (9000W during the recharge of lipo packs + 3000W for the Control Room)
Previously seen at
Zagreb Festival of Light / Zagreb (HR) Canal Convergence / Scottsdale (USA) Light In Jerusalem / Jerusalem (ISR) Licht Festival / Gent (BE)
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