Interactive Light Painting


Using purely photographic technique pioneered by Picasso participants can create their own art in a 3D space using various light sources.

People of all ages and abilites can create something unique. Every piece is different, from basic but impressive abstract light shapes and patterns to elaborate thought out drawings and scenarios. You don't need any artistic ability to produce something creative, wonderful and instant.
With an audience present there are ooo's and gasps with every photograph created, once you have seen the technique in action it really gets the creativity flowing and wanting to come back for more. Many participants then go home and create their own light art.

Additional Information

Indoor and Outdoor
minimum 3 meters square
Estimated Weight
Previously seen at
The Big Chill, Kendal Calling, Light Up Doncaster, Oldham Illuminate, Manchester Arts Festival, Didsbury Arts Festival,BBC, La Coste, Barclays, DLA Piper

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