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MAPP is an interactive mobile point-and-shoot video mapping system. Participants step into the light and stand in front of a wall. The installation makes a scan of its surroundings and subsequently generates and shows an abstract and colourful moving video mapping. When the participants step out of the projection again, they will see themselves included in a moving image, exactly fitting the scanned scene. Because of this exact fit, the character of the space changes dramatically. MAPP uses the cityscape as a canvas.

MAPP is also a kind of performance. We invite people to become part of the artwork. Having already shown this work at several events in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, we have the experience that most people, both children and grown-ups, are easily persuaded to participate.

People can play with MAPP and see the urban space and themselves change in colourful images. The main reaction from visitors when they first see MAPP is “I have never seen anything like this before!”. Then followed by “WOW!”, “This is amazing!” and off course “how do you do this??”.

Pictures of MAPP can be found by following this link:

And we have some movies as well:



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Indoor and Outdoor
The optimal distance between the front side of the pram and the projection area is about 7 metres, giving a projection area of about 550 cm x 300 cm. As can be seen in the pictures, MAPP is, by design, a human scale projection.
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