Light Fountain

20k - 30k

Light Fountain is a site specific installation, a sculpture augmented with light and sound, set on a water surface. As in a digital « Zen garden » where time seems to be dilated, this installation invites us to take a break and relax. In our present time where everything keeps accelerating, this fountain of light softly unfolds in a deep and slow breath. Water as a vector of peacefulness and relaxation, but also fun, fear, creativity or conflict, water as our primary resource, structurally essential to us.
Through an apparently simple and basic mechanism, Light Fountain proposes a subtle dialogue between volumes, lights and sounds, constantly modifying our perception of the sculpture and its surroundings, taking us into a world where shadows play with lights. Such language tends to transform movements linked with water (drops and cascades) into lights and sounds. Thus, we can form pictures in a narrative sequence, based on our sense of observation and our expectations. Through such interaction between lights and sounds, the visitor will be able to get his own free interpretation of the installation presented to him.


Joan Giner and Christophe Rault
Artist Bio
French visual artist living in Paris, Joan creates digital installations mixing sculpture, video projection and sound, playing around with the notions of volumes, time and space.

His work is based on narrative aesthetics and digital interpretations of reality, using technology and virtual tools to explore new ways of storytelling such as non-linear narratives and immersive experiences. Joan Sculpts light on the surface of volumes, mixing traditional and digital techniques, trying to open the dialogue between disciplines.

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10 m x 3.50m x 3.50m (can be adapted)
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Dimensions Leipzig 2023 , Pléiades 2019

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