Moths Council

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In a distant land inaccessible to ordinary mortals, every full moon meets the Moths Council. It gathers around a magical flower that shines during full moon and calls the most eminent moths of unknown species to deliberate on fate of the world. They have a unique ability to see upcoming events. Contrary to common opinion, moths, moths do not give way to butterflies in terms of appearance. One can enter this mysterious scenery, but have to be very careful. WARNING! These creatures are sensitive to light, flashes of lights can have fatal consequences.

Additional Information

Indoor and Outdoor
7 moths 1,2x2 m, flower 1,2 dia. x 0,9 m
Estimated Weight
50 kg
1 kW
Previously seen at
Light.Move.Festival 2018 in Łódź, Poland, Blockheide Leuchtet 2022 in Waldviertel, Austria

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