PULSE is an audio-visual art installation. It's a very large light sculpture with a footprint of over 45m x 4m and stands at 4m high. PULSE consists of 12 large loop structures set out on a long tunnel-like formation. It creates a portal of moving light that the audience can immerse themselves in by moving or weaving through the artwork.

PULSE presents a framework for the consideration of light, sound and space and their interrelation with spacial perception.

With the infinite sequence of sun up and sun down, light itself depicts the human construct of time. It is this that provides the basis of examination for the design concept of PULSE, with emphasis to create a structure that can play with scale and perception in both physical and visual terms.

As with all of our installations we felt it important for the piece to offer as much to it's surroundings during daylight hours as it does at night, so with reflective surfaces completely covering all facets PULSE takes on it's surrounding environment providing new ways of perceiving previously familiar spaces.

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Indoor and Outdoor
L 45m x W 4m x H 4m
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