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Interactive behavioural video works.

In the action space, the spectator is faced with an interactive mirror screen, reflecting reflecting his body including the face. Virtual hands and faces are trying to touch and catch the subject. Hands and faces reflect a variety of behaviors and question relationships to one another. The hands feel the presence and move along the face of the viewer. When he/she leaves, hands and faces disappear. They reappear with different behaviors when a new subject appears.

In this artwork, we provocate reactions and gestures from the spectators in response to virtual contacts.
The audience plays with the hands which scrap the ear, caress the hair, touch the tip of the lips etc.
The contact is virtual but gives strange real feelings for the viewer.


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Indoor and Outdoor
Estimated Weight
20 kg
Previously seen at
Culture Night Dublin (Irland), Nuit Blanche Paris (France), Telfair Museum of Art (USA), Urban Screen Surrey (Canada), Festival Bonjour India (India), Central House of Artists Moscow (Russia), Festival Clujotronic (Romania) etc..

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