The Light Brigade

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Powered by the people – here comes The Light Brigade!

Turn the dynamo, light up the night and get this party started…Vamos Theatre’s The Light Brigade is on hand to charge up Light Festivals and night time events with colour, music and hilarity. Using the latest low-impact dynamo-technology, The Light Brigade pulls in the public to get high energy results – turning people’s joy and playfulness into light via dancing flash mobs, disco ball fishing rods, ‘do not press’ energy buttons and turn-the-wheel dynamos. The Light Brigade is an energy-collecting posse of fun who’ll get the crowd moving and dancing, lighting everything up as they go.

Child and family friendly. Lower environmental impact. If you’re organising a night time event, light festival or winter celebration of any kind, The Light Brigade are on hand. Just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

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