The Posium

Less than 10k

An interactive photo opportunity in which a single person, couple, family or group of friends pose on-stage within a digitally projected scene.

There are 12 scenes to choose from. Thumbnails of each scene are projected on a screens at the side of The Posium.
People are greeted by two performers enter who ask the participants which one of the backgrounds they would like. After they choose (number (1 -12), a performer presses the corresponding key on a small keypad to trigger the foreground and background projections on the stage.

The group choose who will be posing and who with take the photo or if they want a performer to take their photo with their camera or smartphone.

The performers hand the group some simple props, specific to the selected scene from a large basket. Things they can wear and carry onto the stage. Props such as scarves, paddles, a telescope, fishing nets.
The participants walk up the left hand ramp, take their position in the frame and a guided on tips for posing by the performers.

The performers make suggestions for good poses and help position the people in the frame.
A photo is taken.
The participants exit via the right-hand ramp, the props and costumes are collected on the way down and returned to the costume box.
The process is repeated with a new group.

Additional Information

8m x 8m
Estimated Weight
>13 Amps
Previously seen at
Leonardslee Illuminated

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