Time Portal 2.0

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Time portal is an installation mixing a triangle facet sculpture, video mapping projection and sound.

Time portal proposes a large scale facet sculpture similar to a gate. This portal is a geometric abstraction that contrasts with the environment with its monolithic shape. During daylight, it functions like a low relief sculpture, following sunshine drop shadows and colors. At night time, the video projection open the dialogue between light and volumes, revealing the true nature of the portal, distorting time and space.

The motion graphics projected are made of random light on the facets, creating an hypnotic movement on the surface of the sculpture. The visuals are sustained by an intriguing soundtrack made by Loscil, inviting the audience to step through the gate. The overall imaginary refers to science-fiction movies, giving the feeling that time and space distorts inside this aspirating portal.

Time Portal offers an artistic allegory, popular yet accessible version of “multiverse” theories, through which time and space would be distorted. Many theories, from 400 years ago (Giordano Bruno) and mostly developed in the 20th century (Leonard Susskind) tend to anticipate how these portals through time and space could work.


Joan Giner + Loscil
Artist Bio
French visual artist living in Paris, Joan creates digital installations mixing sculpture, video projection and sound, playing around with the notions of volumes, time and space.

His work is based on narrative aesthetics and digital interpretations of reality, using technology and virtual tools to explore new ways of storytelling such as non-linear narratives and immersive experiences. Joan Sculpts light on the surface of volumes, mixing traditional and digital techniques, trying to open the dialogue between disciplines.


Loscil is the electronic/ambient music project of Scott Morgan from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Morgan launched the project in Vancouver in 1998 while a member of the multimedia collective Multiplex, which curated audiovisual events at an underground cinema called The Blinding Light. The name Loscil is taken from the "looping oscillator" function (loscil) in Csound.

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Indoor and Outdoor
520 x 390 x 62 cm
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Previously seen at
- Pleïades Festival , Negotium festival

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