TOROID was inspired by the shape of particle accelerators such as ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. The sculpture is made out of 12 loops set out in a ring shape 12m in diameter and standing 4m high. The artwork creates a curved canopy of moving light and the feeling of a defined gathering space even though the sculpture is very open to the free and easy flow of the audience. It has been specifically designed for exhibition in the public realm.

Like all our artworks, TOROID is aesthetically pleasing during the daylight hours, with its curves and mirrored surfaces, and then comes to life with moving light after dark.

We collaborated with audio artist Dan Bibby aka ’Weatherbrow’ to create the custom audio track for TOROID. The show is roughly 20 minute long and has a meditative ambient feel.

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Indoor and Outdoor
12m in diameter x 4m high
1 x 16amp ceeform supply
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