Three monolithic pyramid structures are filled with smoke. A laser, mounted at the apex, shines vivid and defined rays that create three-dimensional forms that shift in synchronisation with music. A modern take on monuments that brought people together in ancient civilisations to contemplate and celebrate the sun.
An intimate and meditative experience where volumetric animations and sound synchronise to communicate the harmony between light and darkness.

In this carefully constructed sculpture, audiences are given a rare opportunity to see the vivid and three dimensional forms created by high powered lasers from an extremely close range offering a unique opportunity to engage with the physicality of light.

A protective and transparent encasement allows people to stand right in front of the pyramids and witness the shapes shifting in time with a melodic sound track.

Fluctuating between calming, mesmeric pulsing forms and kinetic dancing light beams. The overall experience is transporting and otherworldly.


Limbic Cinema
Artist Bio
Limbic Cinema is an award-winning multimedia creative studio based in Bristol.
Utilising cutting-edge tools and immersive technology to transform spaces and transport audiences.

The studio creates mesmerising, meaningful and memorable encounters that empower people through the use of light, sound and moving image.

Recent work featured at Canary Wharf Winter Lights (2024), Video Mapping Festival, Lille (2023), Spectra, Aberdeen (2023), Geiranger Light Art Festival, Norway (2022), SIRF (2022), Vivid Sydney (2019)

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Indoor and Outdoor
2880mm H x 1230mm W x 1230mm D
Estimated Weight
Previously seen at
Canary Wharf Winter Lights London

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Limbic Cinema

Limbic Cinema

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