Axolotl Creative



Axolotl are a new Manchester-based collective consisting of three creatives, technologists and designers who have come together through their passion for art, sculpture, technology and the sciences.

They have created for some of the biggest arts companies and art tech events in the UK and have joined forces to form “Axolotl” to create work that is both visually stunning and has purpose and meaning at its core. Creating in a way that is innovative, exciting and vividly beautiful as art but also leaves a legacy of education and inspiration across the breadth of STEAM.
Calls for SHINE 2024 - Polyrythms by Axolotle


A percussive soundtrack interacts with mesmerising glowing patterns of light chasing round large concentric polygon structures representing various polyrhythmic beats. ‘Polyrhythms’ fuses the visual language of light art with music theory to create a fascinating sculptural piece, inviting the audience to both enjoy it as a captivating visual but also to explore the underlying concept that inspired it.

Polyrhythms was commissioned as part of the Light up the North ‘Shine‘ scheme 2023 and toured Light festivals across the North during winter 2023-2024.
Axolotl Autopsy


An exciting new project from Axolotl Creative that blends Science, Art and Technology.

“The doors open, the doctor will see you now. You are lead by scrub nurses into an ad-hoc surgeons theatre in the middle of your town. The space centres round a dimly lit surgeons table where you can just make out the presence of a body, then it begins.”

Welcome to Autopsy, a live theatrical exploration through the human anatomy. A multisensory journey that will educate and inform on the importance of the greatest machine; our human body. Designed to be both enjoyable and visually stunning, as well as inviting curious minds to explore further the subject that inspired it. With potential collaborations with local medical schools, universities and healthcare professionals.