Touring Artwork

Touring Artwork - Light Up The North


LUTN partners own a selection of artworks that are available for hire. We can help you choose which ones will work for your location and what you will need to prepare to exhibit them. 

See below for an introduction to the touring collection of artworks. If you are interested in hiring one or more of these unique installations, contact details are provided with each artwork.

Artwork from Quays Culture

Mystery Bird - Lightwaves

Mystery Bird

Born in the wake of strict social distancing measures and the cancellation of our beloved live events. Many of us experienced a renewed interest in our natural surroundings during lockdown 2020 – discerning birdsong again at a time when the world was quietly held at a temporary standstill.

Mystery Bird consists of an illuminated bird cage, a magical sound scape, and projection that will escape, cover the surrounding buildings and thrill an audience of all ages, abilities and accessibility.

Spectrum by HUB Studio

A major new co-commission for Lightwaves in 2018 and part of an exciting international collaboration with Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. Spectrum is an interactive installation that is activated by audience voices to illuminate the chain of circular lights.

Photograph by Jason Lawton – Creative Vision

Artwork from Quays Culture

Spectrum by Hub Studio - Lightwaves

Artwork from Quays Culture

Youth Culture - Lightwaves

Youth Culture by Stanza

A towering 3 metre tall, beautiful sculpture of a hooded youth that intentionally challenges our presumptions about youth culture.  An original Quays Culture commission by UK artist Stanza, Youth Culture visualises data and reflects audience presence using complex technology built into the sculpture.

Photograph by Joel Chester Fildes.

The Squirrel

The Squirrel was one element of Unnatural Borders, a Quays Culture commission by Sober Industries (Nl) as part of our annual free summer showcase of spectacular art that embraced technology in its creation and exhibition. Unnatural Borders explored the interaction and impact between human civilization and the animal kingdom.

The Squirrel, original artwork by Tim Boin.
Projection by Dave Lynch.
Photograph by Joel Chester Fildes

Artwork from Quays Culture

The Squirrel - Lightwaves

Artwork from Quays Culture

Heartbeat - Lightwaves

Heart Beat by GNI Projects

Our commission Heart Beat premiered at Lightwaves 2016 at Salford Quays. The installation comprises of a 3mx9m structure, which incorporates perspective interplay through the seemingly sporadic positioning of steel rods. From the side, audiences see a heart rate line running through the structure. At the front of the installation, they are encouraged to join hands with a friend or loved one in order to complete the circuit, using the sensors to reveal the symbol of a heart.

Photo by Joel Chester Fildes

Cathedral of Mirrors by Mads Christensen

Commissioned for Lightwaves 2015, Cathedral of Mirrors comprises of 12 mirrored columns, each standing at a height of 12 ft. In bright conditions they reflect the viewer, and in darkness the internal LED lights react to human movement, creating patterns across a spectrum of colours. Available for indoor exhibition.

Photo by Joel Chester Fildes

Artwork from Quays Culture

Cathedral of Mirrors - Lightwaves
Salford Quays Image Credits

Joel Chester Fildes
Chris Payne