The Essen Light Festival are looking for light art that is sustainable in order to make their festival even Greener. Read on for more information or visit their website to apply:

The Essen Light Festival is getting even greener: in 2019, the light festival, with the support of Lumen in Art B.V., will be awarding the ‘Remondis Light Award’ for the first time. This is the first time an award will go to light art that has placed a focus on recycling economy, environment and sustainability. The projections, light objects or installations can either be made from consumable materials or promote a boost in recycling behaviour or handling resources in a respectful way.

Projects which are yet to be developed, finished projects and projects which are already on display are all welcome in the contest. These can be large or small, but they must be weatherproof. The deadline is 31 May 2019. Subsequently, an expert jury made up of representatives from the partners Remondis and Lumen in Art B.V., as well as representatives of the Essen Light Festival organisers, EMG – Essen Marketing GmbH, will select either one or multiple projects depending on budget and practicality. The selected project(s) will not only receive the ‘Remondis Light Award,’ they will also be displayed during the Essen Light Festival (25/10 – 03/11/2019) and promoted internationally. In addition, it is possible that the prize-winning work of light art will be displayed at Lumen in Art B.V.’s festivals throughout Europe.

Please send your entry via email to EMG employee Christina Plaar at plaar@emg.essen.de. Your email should include: a project description, photos, drawings or visuals, assembly plans, costs (assembly, disassembly and transport) and the care costs for the festival. EMG will announce the winners on 30 June 2019.

Essen Light Festival:
The Essen Light Festival has taken place for the last three years in the Essen city centre. Along a two-kilometre route, visitors can enjoy video mapping, light installations and light productions. The festival is a member of the International Lightfestival Organisation (ILO) and had approximately 300,000 visitors in 2018.

Remondis SE:
REMONDIS is one of the world’s largest service providers for recycling, service and water. Sustainability and resource preservation are the key pillars of the company philosophy and shape every business area at REMONDIS. The company from Lünen is working to sustainably improve living conditions in over 30 countries around the world. In doing so, ecological, economical and social responsibility are closely linked.

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