Lightwaves Salford

CETUS or "the whale"




CETUS or "the whale"
By Loomaland

On a cold winter day, CETUS appeared.

CETUS is 6 meters long; its lifelike movements are cunningly real when its streamlined body is in motion. It dives and resurfaces just like a real whale.

CETUS’s form is based on the whale shark but its luminance is reminiscent of deep-sea creatures. The body of the creature is covered in semi-flexible and translucent scales, powerfully reflecting its internal glow. In combination with the natural refraction of the water, this creates a shimmering, hypnotizing effect.

The appearance of a luminous giant whale shark is captivating in itself, but CETUS also taps into our deep-seated collective fantasies. In Greek mythology (Keto, also known as Ketos, and in Latin as Cetus) was a sea monster, whale or big fish and was regarded as the deity of the dangers of the sea.

Founded by Berlin based visual artists Denis Bivour & Florian Giefer, Loomaland uses light, sound and sorcery to create unique art installations.

CETUS was commissioned by Quays Culture and is being premiered at Lightwaves Salford