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Crystal Flowers

Crystal Flowers



Crystal Flowers
By Stevie Thompson - Custom Fibre Optics

Commissioned by Light Up the North as part of the SHINE Emerging Artist Programme

Crystal Flowers is a beautiful fibre optic lighting installation consisting of 600 individual handmade illuminated flowers. With a mixture of translucent and transparent plastics, the display is a combination of subtle glows and reflections, which draw the audience in and catch their gaze.

The twisting winding stems, the petals, stigma and stamen will all glow with captivating colour changing light which, with programmed effects, seem as if they are moving around and dancing in the wind.

Hundreds of recycled plastic bottles have been carefully cut, moulded and shaped by hand into realistic flowers of different sizes and shapes, each one unique.

Crystal Flowers is a reminder to take your time more often, be mindful and appreciate the stunning natural world around us and reconnect with nature.