End Over End

End Over End



End Over End
By Studio Vertigo

The slinky is a familiar toy to most cultures and generations. In this giant form it is both nostalgic and surrealistic, playfully transforming buildings into a virtual playground. Each coil of the enormous spring is illuminated in turn to create the familiar form of a slinky tumbling end over end into the shadows.

The oversized scale makes the viewer feel ‘smaller’ – proportions between you and the toy are reversed as if we have somehow shrunk and ended up in Alice’s Wonderland. End Over End playfully questions our role as viewers, disrupting our usual relationship with objects and our environment.

About Studio Vertigo

Studio Vertigo is an art and design collective based in the UK and founded by artists Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby to explore the relationship between objects, viewers and their environment. The studio creates light installations and sculpture for international exhibitions. Their work can be seen this year at various UK light festivals, Amsterdam Light Festival and Vivid Sydney.