Fire Sculptures

Fire Garden



Fire Sculpture Roost
By Walk The Plank

Outdoor art pioneers, Walk The Plank will be creating a series of spectacular light sculptures called Roost, in a dedicated area of the MediaCity garden: The Firebird is a kinetic sculpture. It is accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack of field recordings of rooks at locations around the UK.

The Return has been made by artist Jessica Rost and is a candlelit installation with three illuminated owl sculptures, providing a space of reflection, transformation, interactions, connections. Visitors can walk through the installation and take part by lighting and leaving a candle. Over the evening the candlelight accumulates and the whole heart shaped installation is lit up.

Finally, three fire sculptures that appear like giant lotus flowers throw up flames from their fiery centres, lighting up the night skies.

About Walk The Plank

Walk the Plank is one of the UK’s leading outdoor arts specialists with nearly 30 years’ experience working with artists and communities to create amazing work in the public realm. From festivals to immersive installations, parades to podcasts, Walk the Plank’s portfolio is diverse, spectacular and award-winning.