Garden of the Deep

Garden Of The Deep



Garden of the Deep
By Diane Watson

Garden of the Deep is an installation made from 1000s of discarded plastic bottles that have been turned into an unnatural garden. The installation will be displayed in planters at the heart of the festival in Media City.

35 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK. This project aims to raise awareness of the consumption of single use plastics by creating a ‘garden of the deep’. Working together with schools and community groups, the finished installation will be made up of 1000 plastic flowers created from the bottles and debris collected from the local area.

Diane Watson is an environmental artist who works with plastic items found washed up along coastlines. Microplastics have been found in beer, honey, 90% of sea salt and most recently blood. One in three fish contain plastic, we are eating it! Her response is to raise awareness of plastic pollution. By using photography, print, and interactive installation her work challenges the viewer to inspect these plastic objects in an unfamiliar context.

Thank you
We’re grateful to the following groups for all their energy and support in helping to spread an environmental message about reducing single use plastic. By recycling and reusing hundreds of bottles over this project and transforming them into this very special garden.

Salford Home Education Group
Irlam Scout Group
FUN PALACES at Walk the Plank
Kidzone Out of School Club
Wandering Palate
Moorside Primary
Springwood Primary
Light Oaks Primary
Lewis Street Primary
St Joseph’s RC Primary
St Gilbert’s RC Primary
Lowry Young Artists
Crafty Families

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