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Human Aquarium: Deep Water

Human Aquarium: Deep Water



Human Aquarium: Deep Water
By Annabeth Robinson, University of Salford in collaboration with Yorkshire Life Aquatic

A thought-provoking immersive installation reflecting on the effect of climate change and pollution on the oceans and waterways of the world. The Deep Water installation centres on a projection-mapped origami boat exploring the theme of climate refugees, an estimated 1.2 billion potential displaced people by 2050.

Led by Annabeth Robinson, digital artist at the University of Salford, in collaboration with Leeds-based arts organisation Yorkshire Life Aquatic, Human Aquarium: Deep Water is an immersive installation of animation, sculpture, and soundscapes. It recreates a deep-water environment to take visitors on an ecologically themed journey.

Deep Water builds on Yorkshire Life Aquatic’s Leeds exhibition in October in collaboration with Climate Action Leeds that reflects on the important role of the world’s oceans in the air that we breathe and the water that we drink.

Supported by the Creative Technical Team at University of Salford, MediaCity