Kin Lightwaves



By Backstage Academy (Jason Phillips, Josh Warnes, Blake Brown)

We are a collective of second year live visual design and production students and we feel that now more than ever we feel a need to showcase the importance of community and the power it holds amongst the people. We would like to visually represent this strength of coming together in one place through our installation, Kin.

Through an interactive medium, Kin will allow us to coil the community input into a focused point, allowing for a visually stunning representation to be embodied in the form of lights and video. People may feel scattered and isolated in the world we live in today – a world where we talk to technology and share our inner thoughts with it daily.

Using the bridge that Kin provides, we would like to remind the world how important it is not to lose touch with this connection; within our own society and remember to reach outside of our own perimeters to create important connections throughout life.

Extend an invitation to Kin, talk to the conduit of the community, and discover the powers even just a sole voice may have amongst the masses; or even better yet why not see what the masses can create using group interaction.

Discover the kin you never knew you had, a point of connection between us all, a shared relative within the community; discover Kin.


Students from Backstage Academy working with our industry partners: ROE, Brompton Technology, and Isadora.