By FloLux (Flora Litchfield)

Lightstream is an immersive laser light installation exploring human perceptions through spatial audio visual compositions. The installation draws our focus on water’s energy in the hope of bringing us closer to the nature around us and finding a new sense of harmony with the cityscape.

The history and prosperity of Salford Quays inseparably linked with water; we once heavily relied upon water as a source of energy and means of transportation. Artist Flora Litchfield is interested in exploring the balance between technology and nature – can we imagine a future where society lives and works with nature instead of against it?

Lightstream is a mesmerising light installation that focuses on the forgotten waterways of Manchester- in the hope to bring us closer to the nature around us and find a new sense of harmony within our cityscapes. Lightstream is an intuitive work with no understanding needed and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Flora Litchfield is a returning artist participant from Quays Culture’s SHINE Emerging artist programme.

About Flora Litchfield