Lightwaves Salford





By Alison Smith and Dr Chris Hassall

The Nectary invites visitors to immerse themselves in nature and hear “the hum of the earth” as they mimic a pollinating insect, visiting six huge glowing flowers handcrafted from recycled packaging materials.

Each flower is filled with the sounds of pollinating insects, which were captured through research into a new way of monitoring insects called ‘bioacoustics’ conducted at the University of Leeds.

Created by Leeds based artist Alison Smith and Dr Chris Hassall, lecturer in Animal Biology at the University of Leeds, this light and sound installation explores what we can gain from listening to nature, both for our own wellbeing and to develop understanding of the delicate ecosystems of which we are a part. 

The Nectary was developed with funding from Light Night Leeds, the University of Leeds and From the Fields.