Once We Were Water

Once We Were Water



Once We Were Water
By idontloveyouanymore

Once We Were Water is the second work in a series of digital water recreations by award winning art studio idontloveyouanymore. This project acts almost as the imaginings of a distant culture, an age where rivers and waterfalls no longer flow. What do we remember them as? How do we recreate natural phenomena in a computerised world? Built using a particle system that is reactive to your presence, Once We Were Water, flows over you like rivers of the past, and springs to vibrant life under your movements.

Through play and connection, it leaves you to ponder both what we are gaining and what we are sacrificing in the digital age. Once We Were Water was commissioned by Light Up Lancaster and Quays Culture.

About idontloveyouanymore

idontloveyouanymore is a digital art and performance studio, based in Manchester, interested in speculative futures, alternative modes of reality and the intersection between technology, contemporary philosophy and the contemporary human experience. They’ve built towers of luminescent pixels and digital waterfalls reactive to your presence, created software to live-stream content to audience’ phones, and performed with a live fly with live reactive animation. Finalists for the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, recipients of the New Creatives North Commission, winners of BFI London Film Festival’s

Best XR/Immersive Art Award 2020, their work has exhibited internationally, including at Sundance Film Festival 2021.

Full Credits:
Created by idontloveyouanymore
Creative Direction David Callanan & Anna West
Produced by Anna West
Lead Animation David Callanan
Additional Animation Joe Whitmore
Sound Design WeMakeAudio
Commissioned by Light Up Lancaster & Quays Culture