Lightwaves Salford





By Breaking Barriers and Akeelah Bertram

Suraj, the Urdu translation of ‘sun’, is a celebration of the journey of light and the way that we conduct our daily activities according to the position of the sun and the moon.

Co-created through sessions with a group of women at Deeplish Community Centre, Rochdale, their voices and ideas inspired the piece and celebrate their memories of fruit trees in their home country of Pakistan, whilst commenting on the way that the daylight dictates their movements. Made in collaboration with Breaking Barriers and Akeelah Bertram, the work emulates the movement of people in tandem with the rise and fall of the sun.

Suraj’ marks the beginning of a longer term strand of light work which places Community voice at the heart of the process.

Akeelah Bertram is an emotion-led immersive artist working at the intersection of creative technology, ceremonial design, interactive and immersive experiences.

With thanks to the Deeplish Community Centre, Rochdale, whose women’s group helped to co-create this artwork.