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Lumiere Durham



Lumiere Durham


Artichoke events set out to create a different world

We believe that by temporarily transforming a physical landscape, an artist can forever change the lives of those who witness their work. Our winter light festival, Lumiere, sprinkles magic through the urban landscape during the darkest, coldest months of the year. We invite artists from all over the world to create site-specific works that illuminate a city’s public and semi-public spaces.

First commissioned by Durham County Council in 2009,  Lumiere Durham celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. Since it began, the biennial festival has chalked up more than one million visitors, and some 10,000 local residents and young people have participated in its community engagement programmes across the county. Lumiere 2019 received satisfaction ratings of over 90% and delivered an economic impact of £11.9m.

Artichoke has worked with more than 200 international artists, each exploring ways in which light can alter our perceptions of place and of each other. Lumiere is now the leading artist-led light festival in the UK and, recognised internationally, the festival is distinguished by its high production values and the quality of the exhibited work.