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Flamingo Daisy Chain



Flaming Daisy Chain
By Mike Pattison

Commissioned by Walk the Plank and Billie Klinger (Creative Producer) 

Flaming Daisy Chain is an epic metal structure, made from recycled curtain rail from Glyndebourne Festival and metal truss from a scrapyard. The crank driven rocking beam and continuous chain are powered by a 12V motor.

The chain runs around a series of metal flowers, made from motorcycle wheels, carrying kevla wicks which pass round a wheel within a small watering-can shaped tank. Within the tank, the wicks are sprayed with paraffin and then ignited as the chain rises creating a continuous cycle of flaming flowers.

Mike Pattison is an artist, theatrical engineer and puppeteer. He has worked with many of the outdoor arts companies in the UK over 30 years, specialising in the design and fabrication of large, very often mechanised centre pieces for processions and finale spectaculars.

In the Balance
By Felix Rowberry

Commissioned by Walk the Plank and Billie Klinger (Creative Producer)

A large-scale kinetic fire sculpture that explores the issue of climate change and the weight of responsibility thrust onto the younger generations.

The name reflects not only the equilibrious nature of the sculpture, but also the undecided futures faced by children participating in the project, growing up into a climate crisis in a vulnerable coastal town. Rotating orbs represent a child’s mobile viewed from the bed, comforting and engaging, but loom like planets burning.

In the Balance is at once a joyous celebration of community and childhood, stories and memories shared around the fire, passed through generations, and a recognition of the weight of the world that rests on these young shoulders.

Participation and outreach was supported by Paula Birtwistle and Super Culture.
Fabrication workshops and making were led by WTF Workshops- steelwork by Felix Rowberry, Annie Chapter and Simon Carroll.
Soundtrack was by poet and Community Producer Sophie Shepherd and sound artist Jordan Cottle and features the voices of young people from Weston-super-Mare.

With thanks to South Weston Activities Network and in particular Kally Critchley, Youth Participation Worker, and Poppy Lakner, Community Youth Leader and the young people of South Ward, Weston-Super-Mare for the beautiful steel images that they drew and plasma cut themselves.

The Passage
By Mary Reynolds

“A going over or through something; the action or process of passing from one place, conditions, or stage to another.”

Standing 2.5 metres tall and 3 metres wide, The Passage transports us to another realm, two birds peacefully soar around their flaming nest. Is this the end? Is this the beginning or are we witnessing creation?

At the base you’ll see a large nest made up of gnarly rusted branch like metal bars. This houses a large fire bowl, and the flames rotate the large metal fan suspended above it. On either side of the fan are two skeletal birds. Golden flames illuminate their wings and skeletal bodies as they soar above.

With thanks to Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Paddy Bloomer and John Byrne.