In Conversation with . .

We are delighted to offer  ‘In Conversation with….’, a series of online discussions with light festival producers and artists.

Graham Thorne from Academy of Live Technology talks about industry partnerships and partnering with Lightwaves and the benefits of providing hands-on experience to students.

Graham is a course leader for Live Visual Design & Production at Academy of Live Technology – formerly Backstage Academy. The Academy’s undergraduates have designed and produced installations at Lightwaves by Quays Culture since 2019.

Anne Bennett shares her experience of being a SHINE Artist in 2022, developing her artwork Butterflies, exhibiting at several of the Light Up the North festivals and the opportunities that have come about since.

Light Up the North’s SHINE programme awards funding to two emerging artists/collectives working with light, of up to £10K to produce and exhibit new commissions at their light festivals.

Matthew Rosier talking with Rachel Candler (Quays Culture Producer) about his artwork Navvies and working with Loaves and Fishes, a Salford community group to reconnect the story of the Manchester Ship Canal’s past to the Salford community. Navvies is an audio-visual installation recognising the role of the 17,000 navvies who dug the Manchester Ship Canal and was part of Light Waves 2022. Part of the project’s legacy is the Navvies Garden co-created with Loaves and Fishes at Media City.

Matthew is an artist based in London. His work mixes technology with film and sound in the form of interactive and immersive installations in the public realm. His practice is collaborative and includes the surrounding community both in the creation process and the finished work.

Rachel Candler and Abbe Robinson talk about working together as partners of the network, whilst discussing Mystery Bird – an artwork from Light up The North’s touring collection.

Rachel Candler is producer at Lightwaves in Salford and Abbe Robinson is Artistic Director at Light Night Leeds. 

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