Introducing: Shine

SHINE is an emerging artist commissioning programme delivered in collaboration by Light up the North partners Light Night Leeds and Quays Culture. The programme aims to support emerging artists in creating new digital artwork or performances for light festivals and provides bespoke mentoring and training for participants. 2017 was the second year the two organisations have worked together on this project. Below is some information on the artists involved during 2017 and the artwork they created:

Howl – Brink Dance Company & Howl Creative

Fusing projected animation and live dancers, Howl invites audiences to experience an otherworldly take on reality through light, sound and raw physical movement.

Combining the creative visions of visual artist, Aaron Howell, choreographer/dance artist, Daisy Howell and experimental musician, Luke Marley, this collaborative work represents modern day youth culture and creates blurred realities of escapism, freedom in movement and the beauty in raw self-expression.

Project manager – Jazz Gritt
Produced by – Callum Holt

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Upcoming Projects:

The Howl artists are currently developing this work to appear in unconventional performance spaces and exploring the extremes of immersive installation.

Contact details:


Abstract Playground – Will Hurt

The Abstract Playground AP3 is a screen based digital interactive ‘game’ housed in an custom build arcade cabinet.  The work allows audiences to interact with a digital version of a building, shifting its colours, sounds and geometry as they play.

Will Hurt (b.1984) creates brightly coloured, accessible digital interactives that cater to people of all ages and abilities. These often diagrammatic, technically resilient interactives are made in response to the architecture of sites they are installed in. Their stand out aesthetic and immediacy bring people together to play, and leave them more aware of their relationship with their surroundings.

Upcoming Projects:

Fusion : Adventures in Digital Art @ Eureka, Halifax. June – November 2018

Solo Show @ LEVEL Centre, Rowsley, Derbyshire, November 2018


Storyteller #2 – Naifai Wu

These interactive robots, installed at different locations around the city or event space, tell the stories of local people who have shared their experiences with artist Naifai Wu.  It could be a favourite spot, or a scene where joy, luck, sorrow or regret once happened.

Naifai was born in Taiwan in 1989 and Lives and works in London, Berlin and Taipei. She is an emerging artist, working primarily in video and installation, web projects, and other process-based, post-studio practices. Centring around topics such as translation, mediation, empirical experiences and cognitive models, an inter-personal approach is often employed in her works in the form of playful and open-ended frameworks that invite participation from the public.

Contact Details:

Upcoming projects:

October 2018

Community: Generative Social Fabrication (in collaboration with Semi Su, Hao-hsing Chang, Jia-ru Chen), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan


Symbiosis – Kira Zhigalina

Symbiosis is an immersive interactive installation that visualises breathing. Inside the Symbiosis tent each participant’s breathing is represented as a different colour light, and as the audience sync their breathing it stimulates the walls of the tent to breathe, creating symbiosis.

Kira Zhigalina (aka KiRa) is a multidisciplinary artist working with video projections, film, and interactive installation. She has created projections and installations for the likes of Secret Cinema, London Contemporary Orchestra and Vivienne Westwood. Her interest is in creating immersive artworks that directly involve the audience and aim to create a transcending experience.

Contact Details:

Upcoming Projects:

Symbiosis is due to be the main art installation at Birmingham International Dance Festival in June, and is also confirmed for Noisily Festival in July.

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