Lightpool Community Engagement brief

Lightpool Community Engagement Brief

Lightpool Community Engagement

Our community engagement policy aims to develop and deliver a new innovative creative community programme of workshops, events and projects, engaging with our local community, third sector organisations and business partners and developing projects with our local creatives and cultural sector organisations.

We aim to develop projects that target groups who do not usually engage with Lightpool Festival and break down barriers to increase cultural participation and create long term relationships.

The Opportunities


It’s a small world.

Several compact boxes either side of a central pole, will showcase five 30/40 seconds video projection works. We are searching for innovative ideas to bring the idea of ‘It’s A  mall World’ to life through the mesmerizing art of projection mapping.

Through light art, video mapping and 3D animations, we are seeking a creative and immersible visual experience that captivates and engages viewers

Budget £5,000


Making Art with plastic waste

Recycling workshops to create illuminated artworks. This installation will be an environmental statement of course,  but it is also a community project involving local residents, fuelling a collaborative and eco-friendly project; using  recycled plastic bottles. where the process is as important as the results.

Wildlife and nature provide an unbridled source of inspiration for injecting poetic magic into artwork for LP 2024

Budget £5,000


Pitch Your Idea

We are seeking project proposals from organisations to deliver a new project engaging with our local community. Targeting groups who do not usually engage with the Lightpool Festival, and break down barriers, to increase cultural participation and create long term relationships.

Your creative project should include one of the key Lightpool strands – art, light, music, performance.

Budget £6,000


We value the opportunity to work with a range of local organisations, expert in working with particular communities. We welcome a collaborative approach to delivering the requirements summarised in the briefs. We are looking to commission multiple community-led organisations to deliver all or parts of the engagement.

Ideally, we would like to procure engagement from multiple community-led organisations that are embedded in and working with local communities, who are able to act as a trusted voice and to encourage participation. We are supportive of small organisations collaborating with one another to deliver what is set out in their proposals.

When providing a proposal, you must clearly describe:

  • Which brief(s) you are submitting a proposal for
  • How your skills and expertise is relevant to / will successfully support delivery with the target communities
  • Your approach to delivery, including engagement methods and how you will reach the target communities 
  • How you plan to work with us and keep us updated with progress of engagement activities as well as any issues
  • A breakdown of the estimated costs for each part of the brief (including staff time and expenses such as room hire/ refreshments etc.)


Please email your proposal to and complete the application form

Closing date 17 June 2024

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