Lightpool New Commission 2024

Lightpool New Commission 2024

The Opportunity

We have an open call for expression of interest to showcase at Lightpool Festival 2024. UK creatives are invited to submit expressions of interest to submit an idea for a light artwork that is engaging to all age groups. Both light art professionals and newcomers can submit an idea.

We are interested in:

  • New works exploring light.
  • Projects which use technology in innovative ways to encourage play and exploration
  • Sustainable light art which uses Green Energy solutions.

We are looking for artworks that are:

  • Suitable for outdoor light festivals.
  • Artistically challenging/interesting and of high quality.
  • Structurally resilient enough to withstand the winter weather.
  • Considered accessible for all

We’re particularly interested to see applications that consider:

  • Environmental sustainability in their design and embody best practice in their delivery.
  • Design artworks for reuse – materials/equipment – building onto what happens at the end of the festival.
  • Encouraging novel and artistically ambitious ideas.

The Process

The expressions of interest will be reviewed by the Lightpool Programming Group and one of our partners from Light Up The North, and will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Artistic quality – the strength & quality of the idea and the creatives previous work.
  • Public experience – what will our visitors experience be
  • Project management – can the artwork be created within the time available. Is the work durable enough for the festival dates. What materials are you using when considering the environmental impact and outdoor display.
  • Environmental Sustainability – in the design and delivery. Does the artwork have a future life for touring to other events
  • Level of innovation and creativity in the concept and/or proposed method of public participation (if applicable)
  • Proposal impact and feasibility, based on cost effectiveness of proposed budget and production timeline.
  • Is the proposal a new light artwork

Budget / How to Apply


  • An artist fee of £5,000
  • Support from Lightpool and Lightworks to realise the idea
  • Production/materials/fabrication costs up to £15,000
    (The intellectual property of the artwork remains with the artist, the physical ownership will be transferred to Lightpool on completion of the artwork.)

How to Apply

Please send us your expression of interest including concept visuals (synthesis, 2d, 3d, motion etc.), a summary sheet, a technical note and a budget. Please specify your  approach to sustainable development.

Any document and images sent should be no more than 4 pages in length and no more than 10Mb. Please direct applications to with the subject line Lightpool Open Call 2024. Applications can be made in either of the following (only submit 1):

  • Written text applications – Please submit a Word document or PDF of no more than 4 pages. Images should be included with the document.
  • Video submission – Please submit a brief video, no longer than three minutes
  • Audio submission – Please submit a brief audio mp3, no longer than three minutes.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email Phil Holmes – Artistic Director, Lightpool

Closing date for applications 17 June 2024

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