Digital Playground



By Studio Little Lost Robot

A SHINE commission in partnership with Light Up The North

Light Up The North

A glowing copse of oversized, robotic flowers. As visitors move around the sculpture, it becomes apparent that the flowers’ appearance subtly changes according to the audiences’ movements. Simply walking, stepping, swaying, spinning or even dancing within the space will influence the robotic plant life to change in appearance. This oasis aims to passively remind us all to take it slowly and breathe. Not replacing nature, but representing our relationship with the environment. These robotic flowers demystify emerging technologies and provide access to playable urban spaces, that are sensitive and fun. Can you hail the flowers with your own movements and encourage them to open their hearts to you? Come and play!

About Studio Little Lost Robot

Ruby is a 3D Artist, Designer & Maker. Working in metal fabrication Ruby creates large-scale, outdoor playable spaces. Translated here into a digitally interactive light installation, whereby we can bring visibility to behaviours, trends or pathways that we don’t normally notice, with reactive robotic behaviour. Ruby was awarded a South West Creative Technology Fellowship in Automation in 2019 to practice research human/robotic interaction. She stands for a vision of the future in which individuals democratically benefit from the power of digital technology, yet is non-slick, human-centric and gloriously humane in all its messy domestic parts.

SHINE programme

Light Up The North (LUTN) is a network of five northern light festivals which have come together to share their collective expertise to support both the development of the partner festivals and the wider sector. Through national and international networking and collaboration, LUTN nurtures artistic ambition through artist and producer development, co-commissioning and joint fundraising.
The SHINE programme has been developed to nurture and develop new talent, giving artists the opportunity to create and exhibit new work at a number of partner festivals in the North of England. Artists are selected through an open-call process and will typically be awarded bursaries of up to £10,000 to realise their new work.

As well as financial support, each artist also receives a full induction to the programme, as well as training and mentoring from across the LUTN partnership. LUTN work directly with commissioned artists to support their development, with guidance in areas such as marketing, finance, production, risk assessments and fundraising.