By Flora Litchfield

A SHINE commission in partnership with Light Up The North

Light Up The North

How can colour and sound affect our mood and emotions? Studies have shown that colours with shorter wavelengths such as blue and green evoke feelings of calmness.
This immersive laser projection uses sound and colour to transforms its surroundings into a meditative environment. The colourful, undulating laser light dances in time with the surround sound, creating a serene environment to engage the subconscious mind and imagination. Come along and relax into a fluid sonic and visual journey.

About Flora Litchfield

I am a young Laserist and Visual Artist based in Edinburgh – working with light lasers, nature and mediation.
Within my practice, I like to explore how I can shift space by using light. My work has recently been about mental health and wellbeing. And how we can use technology to our advantage. During covid-19, I have become increasingly interested in human experience and the role colour & sound has upon affecting our mood and emotions.
Within my work, I aim to utilise technology in a progressive and environmental way.

SHINE programme

Light Up The North (LUTN) is a network of five northern light festivals which have come together to share their collective expertise to support both the development of the partner festivals and the wider sector. Through national and international networking and collaboration, LUTN nurtures artistic ambition through artist and producer development, co-commissioning and joint fundraising.
The SHINE programme has been developed to nurture and develop new talent, giving artists the opportunity to create and exhibit new work at a number of partner festivals in the North of England. Artists are selected through an open-call process and will typically be awarded bursaries of up to £10,000 to realise their new work.

As well as financial support, each artist also receives a full induction to the programme, as well as training and mentoring from across the LUTN partnership. LUTN work directly with commissioned artists to support their development, with guidance in areas such as marketing, finance, production, risk assessments and fundraising.