Opportunity: LUMINA Design Contest

Another opportunity today! This one with our friends at LUMINA light festival in Cascais who are calling for both professionals and Art and Design students to participate in their LUMINA Design contest.

This year’s contest is the first in a three-year consecutive plan and will be judged by an international panel of Light festival professionals a  the successful artist will be awarded 2500€

In LUMINA’s words: 

‘Do you get lost in the dark? How do you follow your way in an unknown environment? Do you follow the stars or the crowd? Are you old fashioned and need a paper map? What is it’s a Light Path?

The idea is to create a light path that will guide the visitor of LUMINA Light Festival. Municipality of Cascais and OCUBO, responsible for the Festival are launching the LUMINA Design Contest, with Phillip Starck, visionary creator, as Head of Jury.’ 

If you’re interested in applying and want more info then visit either the Lumina Design Contest website or their event Facebook page. The Deadline is 27 May 2018.

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