OPPORTUNITY: St.Petersburg International Festival of Light Art is calling for proposals!

St Petersburg International Festival of Light Arts is looking for proposals. Read on for info from their callout or visit their website for full details!


Dear friends!

St.Petersburg International Festival of Light Art “Light Nights” in Gatchina calling for proposals!


The festival will take place on 17 – 18 August 2019 in Gatchina Park near St.Petersburg.


We invite you to participate in the International light installations and video mapping competition  within “Light Nights” Festival!


Now we are open for your applications!

Deadline for submitting your proposals: 10 p.m. 29th of March 2019

Participation in the competition is free of charge. Applications are not reviewed, are not returned to the authors and are not paid.

There are two nominations in the competition – light installations and video mapping.

Competition consists of two steps: 
1. Selection of projects by the jury basing on submitted applications.
2. 10-days residence in Gatchina of picked artworks and following selection of the winners.

Competition topic is “Reflexions”.                                                            
This year the major topic of the festival is water. Water is both uncharted depth and a mirror of the surface. Water is philosophy and emotions, peace and aggression, love and hatred, ebbs and flows. We invite competitors to dive deep into the meaning of water and creatively interprete any of its properties and qualities.

Our wishes to the participants:

  • Light should be the core of your artwork;
  • The artwork should be fully created by the participant – both artistically and technologically. Our production team would be happy to assist you but the main part of job should be done by you.
  • Installations will be located in the park, please consider unforeseen weather conditions (you can read “recommendations on choice of materials, equipment and technologies” on the website gatchinanights.ru) 
  • Installations should function continuously during the festival; 
  • Installations should be comprehensable, engaging and evoking emotions among viewers of all ages;
  • Please provide a brief, understandable description of your artwork (max. 500 characters); it will be printed on the information plate by your installation; 
  • The sense of humor is welcomed in your artworks;
  • Artworks can include music, performance or other live elements;
  • Think of various technological and artistic ways of interaction with audience
  • We welcome the creative approach to artworks – you can use both innovative technologies and engage daily objects in an innovative way;
  • Keep in mind that the audience of festival is hug. Make sure to provide the accessibility to your installation; 
  • Make sure that your installation does not cause damage to the environment.

Who can participate in the competition?
Students of Russian and foreign universities and colleges, practicing artists, designers, multimedia specialists, architects, as well as creative associations, design studios are invited to participate in the contest. Artworks can be provided both by local and foreign authors and artistic teams. The age of participants should not exceed 35 years. If the application is submitted by a creative team, it should include mostly people under the age of 35 years.

What kind of artworks can be sent to the competition?
– Original sketches of artworks, representing static or dynamic light installations (competition objects) for temporary installation on the territory of Gatchina Park. Light installations can include audio visual elements. 
– Video mapping – original audiovisual works in 2D, 3D animation or other video art techniques.

Applications with sketches of objects that were created earlier are not allowed for the competition. Creative works must be created directly for the Competition.

How to apply?

Send your applications to: contest@gatchinanights.ru.

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