Introducing: Our Shine 2018 Artists

SHINE is an emerging artist commissioning programme delivered in collaboration by Light up the North partners. The programme aims to support emerging artists in creating new digital artwork or performances for light festivals and provides bespoke mentoring and training for participants. 2018 was the third year the programme has been delivered. Below is some information on the artists involved during 2017 and the artwork they have created as part of the programme:

Jane Webb

Jane Webb is a Hertfordshire based artist, designer and curator that graduated in Glass & Fine Art, post graduate, at Central St Martins in 2006. Since then she has exhibited at the V&A Museum, The London Museum and also has been short listed for the ‘Inspire by Awards’ & ‘Pride in the House’ and the ‘Future Design Awards’ and won 1st prize award for The Moich Abrahams Prize for most Innovative work. Her works also include a temporary, public art installation in Leicester Square. Jane’s been commissioned by many national authorities and museums for public art and events.

Jane had success as curator and founder in 2008-2012 with Illumini. A not for profit organisation, which creates spectacular free events and promotes artist working with light as a media. The launch of Illumini Events in 2008 attracted 7,145 visitors, since then over 25,000 people have enjoyed the Illumini Experience. The event attracted large media coverage and great reviews. More information about Illumini Events can be found at

 Electronika K9 Walk

A transforming light installation of a boy walking his dog. Created with recycled wires, from computer and electronic components that are assimilated.  Jane creates illuminating humanoids that are made from recycled electronics, that have just been thrown away, adding to E Waste landfill.

Gillian Hobson

Gill Hobson works with colour, image and light. Operating at the intersection of the digital and material across a variety of contexts, works seek to provoke moments of pause and contemplation for viewers, accenting the overlooked dimensions of everyday experience. Time and duration are central to her work, often creating large scale luminous and evolving vistas that respond to architectural space.

Explorations of the relationship between person and place inform Hobson’s investigations, with deep mappings of the affects of time and light in everyday contexts forming the foundation of her work.

Working across image, sculpture and installation, her large-scale public works highlight the sculptural potentials of colour, image and light. Using digital projection with material forms to amplify spatial and psychological experience her carefully arranged compositions accent the sensory dimensions of her media. She directs the refractive, reflective and radiant qualities of her materials to produce arrangements that accent the slippery nature of experience where history & memory, reality and imagination collide toward creating new forms and experiences.

Mirror Stage

Mirror Stage at Light Night Leeds. Photo Credit: Joolze Dymond


A kaleidoscope of moving image, colour and light, this immersive environment invites viewers to engage with new interpretations of the shapes and forms of home. Featuring dual projections with transparent and reflective media, this large scale immersive installation contemplates the critical potentials of home as a site of identity and belonging – a site and sight where the familiar becomes strange.

Mirror Stage at Light Up Lancaster. Photo Credit: Joolze Dymond

Provoking fresh dialogues around ideas of inside/outside, memory/imagination, and the increasingly technologised relation of home/work, Mirror Stage considers what it means to be ‘at home’ in the 21st Century.

Megan Fell

I am a recent graduate from Leeds Arts University, after studying Visual Communication. What drives my practice is creating immersive, interactive and mesmerising spaces; to allow people to escape and indulge themselves within something other than reality. A recurring theme within my installations is colour and its ability to alter and affect our emotions. My most recent works have incorporated the reflection of light and colour with the intention to captivate audiences. I explore the creation of subtle dialogue within my work around the playfulness of childhood and how this can be lost in the adult world.



Colour Curiosity

Colour Curiosity. Photo Credit: Joel Chester Fildes

This immersive experience uses colour and sound to stimulate the senses and invites you to relive your childhood playfulness and engage in a world of wonder and exploration. We encourage you to interact with the furniture, finding the colourful silly world inside the opened drawers.

Ronan Devlin

Ronan Devlin, born in Northern Ireland, is a UK based artist making work about perception and experience beyond the material.

Informed by scientific and philosophical thinking, the resulting artworks range from print to screen to multi-sensory installation.


Aura at Light up Lancaster. Photo Credit: Robin Zahler Design.

A digital mirror reflecting audience motion and emotion.

The moving image work captures audience form and feelings with camera and biometric sense technology. Each participant’s movement and mood are relayed as a colour tone emitting body contour. The resulting radiant shapes, generated in real time, affect one another and are assimilated into the piece over time. The result is an emotional feedback loop between artwork and audience.


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