SPARK – Artist Programme 2024

Spark 2023

Ten artists, selected through an open call, will each be awarded bursaries of £300 to participate in the SPARK programme, with additional funds of up to £800 each, allocated to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs to attend Light Night Wigan & Light Up Lancaster, where the programme of activity will take place. 

The whole programme is designed to be welcoming, accessible, relaxed and friendly. SPARK artists will also be invited to share their current area/s of research and development and workshops will be tailored to key elements of making successful light art. Previous SPARK programmes have shown that participants really benefit from peer to peer sharing as well as collective support from the core group of LUTN creative producers. Where feasible, artists who are presenting work at Light Night Wigan/ Light Up Lancaster will deliver workshops for the SPARK participants.

SPARK artists will also be invited to attend rewarding, informal networking events and meetings arranged by the host festival, eg artists brunch, launch events, festival tours, and talks by key figures reflecting the diverse range of artists and makers who make up the art and light art sectors.

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