The Hatchling, Wakefield

The Hatchling, Wakefield

At the heart of Wakefield Year will be The Hatchling, a spectacular outdoor show featuring a groundbreaking dragon puppet created and produced by Trigger ­– creators of unforgettable, large-scale outdoor theatre and art.

As part of Our Year – Wakefield District 2024, The Hatchling will offer people across the Wakefield district the opportunity to get involved with culture and creativity.


The Company Stage Manager (Flight Team weighted) will work with one other Company Stage Manager, the Producing and Creative teams to provide excellent stage management of all performances. The Company Stage Manager will also work closely with the flight director in creation of and maintenance of relevant project plans and documentation. They will work closely with other departments including light, sound, costume and design to ensure smooth communication.

Deadline: Monday 6th November 2023

This opportunity is for skilled and experienced kite pilots, specialising in the handling of large kites, including inflatable and stick kites, with a particular focus on kites similar to the Peter Lynn Maxi kites. As a key member of our world-class Hatchling performance team, you will play a vital role in delivering a captivating and mesmerising aerial spectacle.

Deadline: Monday 6th November 2023

This opportunity is for any actor, puppeteer, physical theatre, circus performer or dancer that wants to perform with Trigger. Experience with large scale puppets is useful but not essential. We welcome applicants from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds.

Deadline: Monday 6th November 2023

The successful candidate will work within stage management and running teams to provide effective stage management of the show and performers, contributing to show reports, and reporting and reacting within the show environment to ensure running and safety mechanisms are smooth and regular. They should possess outstanding organisational skills, with the ability to maintain a calm and positive attitude in the busy working environment of a large-scale international production.

The Assistant Stage Managers will form part of the communications hub for the daily running of the show. They will gather notes and feed into systems designed alongside the Stage and Deputy Stage Manager. The ideal candidates will have experience and knowledge of the working practices of a large scale outdoor shows.

Deadline: 9am, Friday 17th November 2023

Image credit: Dom Moore

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